Unfortunately, there isn’t a set of standards defining the basic requirements for a good quality bedliner. Because of this, there are a ton of inferior products and applicators spraying this garbage out there.  If the material being sprayed is done at a low or cold temperature and shot through an HVLP type of spray gun, then it’s most likely just a polyurethane type of paint that’s been designed to look like a real bedliner. These applications will only protect as well as, paint. The true bedliner is sprayed at about 160 degrees and the material is driven by a machine that creates about 2,400 PSI of hydraulic pressure. LINE-X is one of these high temperature and high pressure materials and LINE-X is and has been the industry leader in the protective coatings industry for decades.  LINE-X also has a true nationwide limited lifetime warranty. This warranty is back by the shop that did the work as well as the LINE-X corporation. 

We see all of the low quality bedliner jobs that are being sprayed  We see this because many of them end up in our shop to get fixed. 
Do it right the first time. 
Derek Ferguson

NextLevel Truck and Jeep