How to Shop for a Truck Bedliner Tampa

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How to Shop for a Truck Bedliner Tampa

Some ways to tell the difference between a quality bedliner and some of the imitation bedliner material applications is to ask the shop if the material is sprayed with a high-heat and high-pressure system. 

LINE-X is sprayed at about 160 degrees and 2400 psi of hydraulic pressure.  It’s a 100% solid with zero VOCs which means that there are not solvents to off gas.  LINE-X is dry in 3 to 5 seconds and can be used right away with no chemical smells. 

How to Shop for a Truck Bedliner Tampa

How to Shop for a Truck Bedliner Tampa


When researching “How to Shop for a Truck Bedliner Tampa,” it’s important to note that imitation, or paint type “bedliner” systems, will use a cold temperature and low-pressure application system.

This is typically an air compressor and an HVLP type of spray gun.  These materials use solvents so that they’re liquid when they’re sprayed.  As the solvents off gas, this causes the material to harden or cure.  For these paint systems the cure time can be several days to a week and during this time you cannot use the truck bed and there will be a chemical smell.  Always ask if they spray the material applied at a high head and high-pressure system or if it’s shot with air pressure and at room temperature.  Typically, all mobile bedliner applicators spray the paint type of systems. 

The imitation materials are also sprayed much thinner than a true bedliner.  Typically the paint bedlieners are about 15 to 20 mils thick or a thick paint job which is all they really are anyway.  A LINE-X bedliner is sprayed to about 120 mils in the main wear surfaces which is almost 1/8th of an inch thick. 

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