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LINE-X of South Tampa and Lakeland is here to provide you with a complete range of spray-on coatings and truck accessories to help you get more out of your vehicle. The power, aesthetics, and toughness of your vehicle are all in your hands, so why not invest in some truck gear designed to be the very best? From running boards and tonneau covers to floor liners and more, our shop has all of the rugged truck accessories you need to customize your ride for every adventure. Whether you plan on traversing the backcountry this weekend or hitting the job site all week, we’ve got you covered!

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How can you benefit from LINE-X truck accessories?

  • Renowned product quality

  • Versatile designs

  • Industry-leading warranties

  • Extensive lifestyle products

  • Form-fitting options for most makes and models

  • Complete support from LINE-X of South Tampa and Lakeland

LINE-X of South Tampa and Lakeland Offers Other Protective Services

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From the essential upgrades to unsurpassed vehicle customizations, our LINE-X shop in South Tampa and Lakeland have you covered! You can check out our upgrades below, or browse our shop to find all of the truck accessories you need to take on the trail with confidence!

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Expert Installations

Beyond purchasing quality truck accessories to fit your ride, you can also turn to LINE-X of South Tampa and Lakeland for complete peace of mind. We install spray-on bedliners, and can also help you with your truck steps, tonneau covers, and more.

You can shop our online store for complete upgrades and accessories, and try our Interactive Garage to build your dream vehicle online before getting started!

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Our South Tampa and Lakeland shops offers a wide range of rugged truck accessories, including:

Lifestyle Products

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Instead of relying on cheap, flimsy, and otherwise untrustworthy tie-down straps, why not invest in a name renowned for durable quality? Our 1” x 10” heavy-duty ratcheting tie-down straps are designed to keep your load safe, boasting a whipping 3,000-pound break strength and a 1,500-pound load strength. Buy a pack of four ratchet straps to throw in your vehicle, and be sure to browse our other lifestyle products to find all you need to take...


Truck Gear by LINE-X offers quality products, including our heavy-duty ratcheting tie-down straps with rubber-coated S-hooks to help you secure your gear and drive with complete peace of mind. With enough strength to hold 6,000 pounds, you can be sure that these ratchet straps are your best choice for the miles ahead!

Kit includes:

  • Canvas storage bag for easy transportation
  • Four 1.5” x 20’ heavy-duty ratcheting...

Those who take on the unknown have to be ready, and Truck Gear by LINE-X is here to help. This jump starter and power bank is designed to be a compact, portable battery charger capable of cranking out up to 600 amps to ensure your vehicle has the juice needed to fire up.

  • Strong enough to start up gas and diesel engines

  • 18,000 MAh Lithium Polymer Battery provides 300 cranking ampere (600...


Made of rotationally molded plastic, the LINE-X Expedition Cooler can prove to be your final choice for long-lasting coolers. This product features dense insulation to keep cold things cold in a variety of climates. Ideal for camping, fishing, off-roading, and more, the Expedition Cooler is quality all wrapped up in 20 quarts.

  • Extremely durable, roto-molded design

  • Quality insulation keeps ice...


You love taking on adventures in the outdoor world, so be sure you are prepared with a ruggedly dynamic cooler from Truck Gear by LINE-X. The Expedition Cooler is created using ultra-durable plastic and thicker insulation to keep your goods colder, longer. With a 45-quart capacity, you’re sure to be ready for every excursion, loading this cooler into your truck bed for fishing, camping, overlanding, and more.

  • Thick Walled,...


Take on every adventure with one of the best coolers available from Truck Gear by LINE-X. This 75-quart Expedition Cooler is perfect for every explorer out there, relying on ultra-dense insulation and roto-molded plastic to ensure the most rugged results. Keep your cold goods cold longer in a cooler designed to take on the harshest conditions. Simply slide this cooler on top of your LINE-X bedliner and hit the trail to have a nice, long...


Tonneau Covers

You can protect the contents of your truck bed with a quality truck bed cover. Truck Gear by LINE-X offers retractable, folding, and roll-up tonneau covers to meet every driver preference and budget.

Truck Steps

From running boards and step bars to drop steps and more, Truck Gear by LINE-X also offers truck steps to meet every style and provide you an easy lift up into the cab. Whether you have kids scrambling into the truck or you recently added a lift to your vehicle, it can help to find the right steps for the job.


Rugged, convenient, and not bad on the eyes, LINE-X tool boxes deliver the right fit and functionality for every driver. Let our team know you’re in need of a box, and we’ll be happy to offer the best options in the industry!

Truck Toppers

You can shop for Elite, Sport, and Commercial toppers to create a complete look for your truck and increase your storage capacity. LINE-X of South Tampa and Lakeland can help you find the right fit for your vehicle, increasing security and comfort in the process.

Lifestyle Products

Beyond these rugged truck accessories, you can find a variety of upgrades to make your adventures better. You can invest in an Expedition Cooler for a lifelong cooler to keep your food and drinks cold. You can also opt for a jump starter and power bank to provide peace of mind wherever you go. Check out our lifestyle accessories to further improve your ride!

Floor Liners

When it comes to floor mats, Truck Gear by LINE-X offers precision and peace of mind to ensure that your adventures don’t get tracked into the cab. LINE-X of South Tampa and Lakeland can supply front, rear, and cargo liners for most trucks, Jeeps, and SUVs. You can shop these floor liners today and breathe easy knowing your mats come with a lifetime warranty!

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